What is your event Cancellation Policy?

10 or more days before event day: FULL REFUND (less a $10 processing fee)

Less than 10 days before the event day: You will receive an EVENT RAIN CHECK CREDIT*

Less than 24 hours before the event: Sorry, no refunds or credits, but we encourage you to invite a friend to take your place!

Unlike other companies, we take the risk out of registering early for our events with one of the best cancellation policies out there. Since we focus on professionals, we know you’re busy and sometimes things come up. If you can’t make it to an event that you have paid for please contact your Event Coordinator or email us at so we can adjust the roster and make room for someone else.

How To Cancel:

Email your coordinator with the event date/time/session, your name and your email address. If you do this 10 or more day in advance of the event date we will refund your payment (less a minimal $10 processing fee.) If you cancel less than 7 days of the event you will be charged but you will receive an Event Rain Check Credit* you can use toward a future event. You can even transfer this credit to a single friend or associate if you don’t want to use it for some reason! If you cancel less than 24 hours of the event, you are charged as it’s extremely difficult for us to replace you, however, if you have a friend to take your place that’ll work, just let us know who it is.

Singles Café strives to offer you the best experience possible. This means ensuring we have a full-field of Participants and equal numbers of men and women. If you are a NO-SHOW and do not contact us prior to the event so we can get someone to fill your spot, then your registration fee is non-refundable.


People who are NO-SHOWS and do not contact us will NOT be accepted into future events! It’s worse than standing someone up, because it’s like standing up a dozen people at once! Besides, if you don’t attend you won’t get to meet all those new people! If something comes up on the way to the event that precludes you from attending (or attending too late) you should still contact us afterwards to ensure a credit is extended, that we do not remove you from our database and that we do not add your email address to the “No Show, No Contact Banned Attendee List”. Yes, we take our events seriously and we know your time and the time of everyone who attends is valuable and we respect that. Participants appreciate the fact that by banning people who fail to follow common courtesy and etiquette helps increase the quality of people who attend. Thanks for your understanding and we are confident you’ll have fun!

* Event rain check credits must be used within six months of date issued.

What’s your coaching cancellation policy?

A full refund is available after the first session (including that session) if you have booked

3-12 months of coaching and do not want to continue. However, you must advise me within 24 hours after the initial session. Failure to do so will result in that cost for the first session at

the prevailing rate being deducted from the refund. There are no refunds available on single sessions if cancelled within 72 hours. If you cancel all sessions within 72 hours of our first scheduled session or fail to make the call, I will deduct the cost of one session at the prevailing rate prior to refunding you money.

If you book the 3 month-session package and we are finished after 2 we will subtract the cost of the 2 sessions package and refund the difference. With our 6-month package if you cancel there is a $350 cancellation fee.

After 30 days no refunds will be given although the sessions can be saved for up to 12 months from the starting date of any of our Coaching services.

Unused sessions may be gifted to a friend or family member.