At Singles Café, we understand how difficult dating can be! From something that seems as simple as creating an online dating profile to meeting your love interest for the first time, the process can be overwhelming. Singles Café is dedicated to providing you with personalized support and professional strategies you need to date  wisely and successfully. We believe that dating should be easy! At Singles Café, we take the Difficulty Out of Online Dating and Modern Relationships. We are here to guide you and equip you with the strategies and expert advice you need.

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Online Profile Consultation

Let’s face it! It’s stressful to write a good dating profile. But not to worry, our online dating profile writers can help you create a beautiful, descriptive and incredible profile that will capture the reader’s attention and leave them wanting to know more about you.

Modern Dating Strategy

Our Dating Strategy will help you create a new dating roadmap, take inventory of your beliefs and work together to create a cystal clear vision of the relationship you want.

Connecting Christian Singles

Having difficulties connecting with other Christian singles at your church? We can help! Thousands of single Christians have connected through Singles Cafe and you can be one of our many, many single Christians who connect, meet, and marry someone through Singles Cafe.

Texting Etiquette

Poorly worded texts can quickly send the wrong impression! And sometime can lead to a huge disaster. Our Texting Experts can help you keep your new date interested with our powerful texting method that works.for successful texting etiquette.

Date Coaching

We will help you gain insight into where your relationships are going wrong and what you can do to improve your love life.

First Date Starter Kit

This service is for those who are new to dating such as college students etc. It includes a playbook with different dating scenarios.

Date Conversations

Do you find it awkward to start a conversation with someone new? We can help you take the awkwardness out of your dating experiences with our dating conversation guide.

How to identify relationship ready men

Our professional coaches, matchmakers and relationship strategists offers a breakdown on how to identify men ready for a relationship. Most women hear or see only what they want to. Your date could be sending a clear message they are not ready to commit but without awareness, you may not realize it. With our expert solutions, we can help you identify the men who are ready to commit to you, and only you.

A New Confident You

Gain the insight you need to improve your confidence. From profile creation, confidence coaching and a personal description to presenting your best self on your dates. Be the love you want to attract!

Image Consulting

Your online dating profile is your first impression. But you also want to look your best on your first date, lack of modesty or too casual a look could send the wrong message. Our Image Consultant can help you dress the part!

Breakthrough Coaching-Letting Go

Holding onto a past relationship that’s stopping you from experiencing true love? Our Dating experts can help!

How to handle a crisis in a relationship

Are you in a relationship and experiencing problems you cannot resolve? Perhaps you are engaged or married and disconnected from your partner? Singles Café provides professional solutions you can depend on when handling a crisis in a relationship.

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